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Do not read stories from this site if you have a bad heart, if you are afraid of the dark, if you are prone to nightmares, you have a vivid imagination,  if you are under 12 (if you are under 18 please talk with your parents and get their permission), if you have a low threshold for vomit production, or you pee your pants easily.  Neither the author, publisher, website, nor anyone involved in making these abominations available to you have any responsibility for any harm or evil that may occur as a result of you reading any of the material from this website.  It is recommended that you read these  stories during daylight hours and in a location where there are other people. (Preferably people you know and trust - even then, it is suggested you not let them get behind you.)  Do not read them at night especially if you live alone.  If you decide to view this page you accept responsibility for  the consequences.  You are warned.

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